Course reports

  • The national 83 course of September 2021 in Ndjamena, Tchad welcomes 35 participants from the MOH, MOF, Ministry of Plan and Inter-ministerial Ministry for universal health coverage, as well as INSEED (future verification agency), and 2 NGOs.
  • Course 82 December 2019 Benin: The last FBP course of 2019 was held in Cotonou, Benin from December 2 to 14, 2019 with 32 participants from six countries: Mali, Comoros, Gabon, Mali, Niger, DRC and CAR with three sectors: Health, Finance and Justice. Hereby the course report (rapport).
  • The course 81 of November 2019 in Mombasa welcomed 37 participants from four African countries: Nigeria 19x; Liberia 16x; South Sudan 1x; and CAR 1x. Thirty-five participants came from the health sector, 1 worked in the education sector and 1 at the governor’s office in Bauchi State, Nigeria. Hereby the course report.
  • The course 80 of June 2019 in Benin took place in Cotonou with 39 participants from ten countries: Mauritania (12x), Burundi (9x), RCA (4x), Guinea Conakry (4x), Madagascar ( 2x), Cameroon (2x), Gabon (2x), Benin (2x), DRC (1x) and Ivory Coast (1x). Participants from the health, education and treasury sectors were present. Hereby the course report.
  • The french course 76 and the English course 77 were conducted in April and May 2019 in Douala. The courses were organised by the Regional Fund for Health Promotion of Littoral (FRPSL) and SINA Health. The two courses welcomed a total of 109 participants mainly from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Territorial Development, the Services of Regional Governors, the National Civil Registry Office, the Regional Funds for Health Promotion, Contractualisation and Verification Agencies and independent participants. Hereby the reports of the French spoken course 76 rapport du cours and the course report of the English spoken course 77.
  • Course 78 April 2019 Mombasa : The course welcomed 26 participants : 14 from Nigeria, 7 from Ethiopia, 2 from Cameroon and 2 from the Netherlands and 1 from the Central African Republic. Hereby the course report.
  • The course 75 in December 2018 in Benin welcomed 29 participants from eight countries: Senegal (10x), Mauritania (5x), CAR (3x) Niger (3x), Chad (3x), Cameroon (3x) Mali (1x). ) and Rwanda (1x). The course was organized by BEST-SD Benin with the help of BASP-96 Burkina and SINA Health of the Netherlands. Hereby the course report (rapport final du cours).
  • The cours 74 in November 2018 in Mombasa welcomed 36 participants : 34 from Nigeria, 1 from Liberia, and 1 from Cameroon. Hereby the course report.
  • The course 73 was organised in October 2018 in Kinshasa, DRC, and was attended by 60 participants from the central level. In addition, a three-day workshop was organized for the central directors of the Ministry of Health. Here the course report (rapport).


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