Guinea (Conakry)

Start: 2013 and again 2019
Phase: Scale up pilot 2-4 million
Feasibility: High
Coverage: 20%


Poor quality and inefficiency were therefore placed at the center of concerns in the National Health Development Plan 2015 – 2024 and the Ministry of Health identified results-based financing prominently as an important reform approach. The first experience in Guinea with RBF was implemented in the Mamou’s region during the 2016-2018 pre-pilot project that covered 19 health facilities. It was supported by various partner organizations, including the NGO Health Focus, KIT Amsterdam, HDP Rwanda, World Bank, and GIZ. The results were encouraging.

On the basis of these results and also the promising results in other countries such as Burundi, Rwanda, Cameroun, Zimbabwe and DRC, the government is moving towards a more robust pilot phase in four regions covering in total around 2-4 million inhabitants. During this pilot phase, it will be decided on how far RBF will become the national policy in Guinea.

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