History: Failed pilot since 2013, cPBF programme since 2016.
Coverage Estimate: 10%
Feasibility: Medium
Supported by: Government of Ghana, World Bank

Description:  A KIT, SNV, Cordaid PBF pilot was planned a few years ago but did not start. 

A World Bank-financed PBF program is piloting community Performance-based Financing (cPBF) in eight districts in four regions to boost service utilization and improve maternal and child nutrition and health outcomes. The focus of the Ghana cPBF is on the Community Health Teams (CHTs), which is composed of Community Health Officers and Community Health Volunteers. CHTs operate in Community-based Health and Planning Services (CHPS) zones, from where they deliver a package of essential community maternal, child health and nutrition services to a catchment population of approximately 4500-5000 people. CHTs primarily deliver preventive services, but also basic clinical services, through static and outreach activities, including home visits.

However, the design of the program did not comply with the PBF criteria as presented in SINA’s PBF manual and a revision would be desirable following a Ghanaian team that visited the Mombasa PBF course. The feasibility score was 26%, which is lower than the recommended score of 80%.

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