Start: 2010
Phase: pilot phase
Estimate Coverage: 3%
Feasibility Score: 84%
Supported by: Ministry of Health; World Bank

Description: The Niger 2011-2015 development plan included reforms in the health system including RBF to improve the health status of population. RBF will be implemented with financial and technical support from the World Bank. Initially planned in three health districts a pilot phase will be conducted in a single Health District: that of Boboye in the region of Dosso with a population of 382,000 inhabitants. There are 25 functional Integrated Health Centers.

Thirty central level cadres are trained in FBR. The recruitment of two national technical assistants was completed in October 2014 and the recruitment of an international technical assistant in December 2015. The baseline survey started in January 2015 and the FBR procedure manual is prepared in March 2015.

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