The Gambia

Start: 2013. Project Review in 2017
Phase: Scaling up phase
Coverage: 40%
Feasibility score: 52%
Supported by: Ministry of Health, National Nutrition Agency, World Bank

Description: The Government of Gambia is implementing through the National Nutrition Agency (NANA) a PBF program in 5 of the 7 health regions covering 40% of the total population. All PBF regions are rural but exclude the urban towns. There are still some design problems leading to a feasibility score of 52%  such as a limited number of indicators, an incomplete separation of functions and the fact that the PBF program has so far mainly been implemented by the NANA. There is a need to strengthen the PHC Unit assigned the responsibility of being the RBF Unit of the MOHSW. Advocacy for design improvements are therefore required.

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