Start: 2014 and 2017
Phase: Preparatory phase
Coverage Estimate: 50%
Feasibility: 60%
Supported by: Government of Gabon, World Bank, MSH

Description: In 2014, the Government of Gabon requested Management Sciences for Health (MSH) to assist in reforming its health system. The government is particularly interested in the Rwandan PBF approaches. Then from 2016 onwards, the government also requested the World Bank to assist with setting up a PBF program in Gabon. The particularity of Gabon is that it already has an insurance program that covers about 70% of the population. Moreover, non-infectious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity already exceed the infectious diseases. The emphasis of the PBF program is therefore more to focus on the remaining 30% as well as the more preventive and promotional activities not covered by the insurance system. The PBF program is also important to introduce a more efficient health system such as by the separation of functions and to encourage a more competitive system of distributing inputs.

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