Start: 2013
Phase: Started a pilot in two districts in 2014
Coverage Estimate: 15%
Feasibility: Medium
Supported by: MOH/MOF; WB

Description: The Government of Lesotho’s Ministry of Health took a conscious decision to adopt Performance-Based Financing (PBF) as an approach to finance and bolster its efforts to meet the three health Millennium Development Goals, i.e. reduce child mortality (goal 4), improve maternal health (goal 5) and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other communicable diseases (goal 6). PBF approaches have been especially successful in improving access to curative services, and increasing the uptake of preventive services such as vaccination of children and pregnant mothers, voluntary counseling and testing for HIV, institutional deliveries and the use of modern family planning methods. Whilst increasing the volume of services, PBF also increased the quality of these services considerably.

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