Start: 2011

Phase: Pilot started in 2011 and the national rollout in 2015. It stopped in 2017

Coverage Estimate: 100% => 0%

Feasibility of design before 2017: Modest 62%

Supported by: MOH; WB; AEDES; USAID; GF; Local Firms


Benin, after several years of implementation of the FBR and covering all the health zones of the country, is obliged not to continue. This was due to disagreements among different donors about the approach, the weak commitment of the government to engage and negative comments from some focal academians about PBF in general. Yet, most commentators regret this new situation concerning the stopping of the RBF in Benin and call for a renewed RBF approach in Benin. From the conclusions of the interactions in Benin and exchanges at the COP PBF, there is a desire for the resumption of the initiative in view of its effectiveness.

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