Central African Republic

Start: 2009
Phase: Started in 2009 in the Prefecture of Nana Mambéré and expanded in 2010 to 6 Prefectures. In 2016, a World Bank financed PBF program started covering 35% of the population
Coverage Estimate: 35%
Feasibility: High
Supported by: Government, World Bank, Cordaid; AEDES

Description: Cordaid with EC financing piloted until 2012 a PBF program covering 30% of the population in six health districts. Yet, the pilot has run into problems during 2013 due to security problems. The EC also decided to pull out even before the evaluation had been done and this many would consider this an unfortunate decision because the old and the new governments both considered PBF as part of their health system. The  government this time financially and technically supported by the World Bank started a new phase of PBF in 2016 with a pure PBF design covering 35% of the population. Cordaid and AEDES were recruited to play the role of Contract Development and Verification Agency.

Remme, M., P.-B. Peerenboom, et al. (2012). Le Financement base sur la Performance et al Bonne Gouvernance: Lecons apprises in Republique Centrafricaine.

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